Along with our commitment to natural, local, and fresh ingredient selection, Blue Donkey Coffee Company is committed to helping those who are in real need. We have partnered with Frontline Missions, a dedicated and vivacious missions group who work closely with several indigenous groups in Central America. You say, “What does coffee have to do with indigenous people groups?” And that’s the amazing part. Frontline Missions has worked with the Tolupan Indians of Honduras for many years.  The Tolupans are a native people who live high in the mountains of  Honduras and who earn most of their income from their small coffee farms.  Their challenge is to get their beans to market.  At Blue Donkey Coffee, we seek to purchase their beans at a fair market value. This will enable the Tolupan people to earn a higher wage on their crop and increase their standard of living. For more information, visit or contact Ed Lane at