Espresso making is an art form that takes months if not years to perfect. With the right machine, proper beans, and skilled brewing, espressos can be a beautifully constructed method to experience your coffee's true attributes. 


  1. Prep your machine with water.

  2. Remove portafilter from espresso machine's grouphead. 

  3. Purge your grouphead with hot water.

  4. Grind your coffee to very fine.

  5. For a single shot grind 9 grams of coffee into your basket.

  6. Place your portafilter on a flat clean surface.

  7. Get your tamper and apply 20-30 lbs pressure into grinds. 

  8. Give the tamper a soft spin. This will polish the grounds.

  9. Position the portafilter into the grouphead and begin your shot!

  10. Your espresso shot should create a golden, creamy top layer called crema.