Slightly sweeter with a sort of caramel quality, Bourbon coffees also have a nice, crisp acidity, but can present different flavors depending on where they're planted. Bourbon gets its name from Bourbon Island (now Reunion Island) where the variety derives from.Bourbon remains a popular variety with both coffee growers and coffee lovers for its figgy sweetness and gentle brightness. Balanced with a smooth texture and a sweet, just-right finish,



Generally Caturra has less sweetness than it's parent Bourbon, but offers a delicate body with bright acidity.This varietal was first developed in Brazil and produces a higher yield than the Bourbon due to the plan being shorter and with less distance between the branches. In recent years this varietal has gained popularity in Costa Rica and Colombia and some lots within these regions have produced great flavor. 



Also known as Variedad Colombia, you’ll taste the classic caramel and chocolate with hints of cherry in the sweet, bright, full-bodied bean. This hybrid of the Caturra was developed in Colombia. It produces lots of cherry and resists disease well, making it very popular on small farms. A relatively recently selected botanical variety of the Coffea arabica species that generally matures more quickly, produces more coffee, and is more disease resistant than older, traditional arabica varieties


Ethiopian heirloom

Ethiopia Heirloom varietals produce some of the most coveted flavors in the world that, depending on process. Dry process coffee are usually medium-bodied with acidic, fruity/ winy tones. Wet process coffee is light-bodied but has complex floral and citrus tones.Ethiopian coffee varietals are arguably the most distinctive and best tasting coffees in the world. Over 1000 heirloom varietals are currently in production.



This varietal is the rarest of the rare. The holy grail of coffee. Gesha is a buoyant coffee and has a clean sweet, fruity flavor. A very distinct bergamot-like finish is also typical in the cup profile. It's highly sought after all over the world, achieving high prices at auctions. The trees grow in a very high elevation, tend to be very tall (up to 15 ft) and have beautiful, elongated seeds and leaves



The flavor profile is outstanding, with sweet citrus notes, wonderful balance and hints of floral aromas. We like to source Pacamara from the highest possible elevations, which leads to the highest cup quality.The flavor profile can demonstrate sweet citric notes, chocolate and floral attributes.


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