Honduras Lencas Cocatecal


Honduras Lencas Cocatecal

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This Week's Batch Roasted by: Darren

This Honduras Lencas lot has flavor tones of nut, honey, and background cinnamon notes. It finishes smooth and sweet. Enjoy the rich aroma and sweet flavor of this medium body coffee. 

  • 100% Arabica Coffee Beans | Small Batch Roasted

  • Roasted in Atlanta by Blue Donkey Coffee Inc.

  • Direct-Trade Coffee | We have a relationship with Greg and the Lencas Indians of Honduras.

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Coffee Details:

Location:  Region Santa Rosa de Copan, Copan, Honduras

Altitude: 1,150 Meters (3,800 feet) to 1,450 Meters (4,700 feet)

Varieties: Lempira, Catuai Grade Strictly High Grown

Process Fully Washed

Drying Sun-dried on raised beds

Harvest September - December

Cupping notes: Butterscotch, brown sugar, allspice


Region Details: 

Copán lies in the west of Honduras, bordering Guatemala, and includes the states of Copán, Ocotepeque, and part of Santa Barbara. It is the coldest region in the country and has an altitude of 1000-1500 meters. However, it has some of the widest ranges of temperatures. You can find very naturally sweetened coffee with notes of chocolate, caramel, and mild orange. Body typically is creamy and bold.