Coffee Training

Would your restaurant, coffee house, office, or community like to be trained to become a coffee expert? We offer four different courses to select from! 



Coffee Course

(Regions, Climate, Soil, Planting, Harvesting, Processing,Transport, Roasting, Brewing.) Participants will learn all aspects of the specialty coffee supply chain.

Espresso Course
(Beans, Grinding, Leveling, Tamping, Brewing, Extraction, Brew Ratios, Tasting, Frothing, Machine Maintenance, Grinder

This is a hands on course and participants will learn in detail every step of the espresso process. Individuals will learn how to dial in perfect espresso shots with the right beans and froth perfect milk to create lattes, cappuccinos, flat whites, and more. 

Brew Methods Course
(French Press, Aeropress, Pour-Over, Batch Brew, Siphon, Batch
Cold Brew, Kyoto Cold Brew)

Participants will learn every specialty brew style.
Individual will learn how to properly grind, prepare, temper,
brew, bloom, and serve.)

Cupping - Course
Participants will learn how to smell and taste specialty
coffee from many coffee regions of the world. Participants will
leave having a greater understanding of coffee aroma,
acidity, body, flavor profile, and aftertaste.

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