Pour-Over Coffee

Have you ever had the chance to visit our location at Georgia Tech? Have you noticed the term “pour over” on the board and wondered what that was? Or maybe you’ve visited another shop or heard the words and not known what it meant. Well today Blue Donkey is here to help you!

Coffee can be brewed in a variety of ways. The two varieties which most people are familiar with are what are referred to as “drip coffee” and “espresso”. Drip coffee is most commonly made at home in which the water is showered over the top of ground coffee beans with an automatic coffee brewer. Espresso is when those same beans are ground much, much finer and water is forced through the beans to create a highly concentrated coffee.

For each of these methods, drip and espresso, a very different end result is produced. With pour over coffee, your result is similar to drip coffee. However with drip coffee you have very little control over what is known as the “variables”. With most automatic brewers you have a set temperature, a specific grind that works best for that one coffee maker and a set amount of water. With pour over methods you have a lot more control over all these variables which allows you to make the best cup of coffee for the bean you are using. Not all coffee produces the same flavor, and different methods of brewing can bring out different flavor profiles in the coffee you are drinking.

One of the most common methods of pour-over, and the one Blue Donkey uses at our Georgia Tech shop, is known as V60. 

The V60 was created by a Japanese company named Hario and can be made of different materials such as plastic, glass, or metal. The most common V60 produces one to two cups of coffee at a time, however larger ones can produce more.

The reason that a V60 is considered a pour over is because the water is “poured over” the top of the coffee grounds by a person using a kettle. The most commonly used kettle used when making a pourover of any kind, is referred to of a gooseneck kettle. This kettle allows the coffee brewer control of how much water is being poured over the coffee.

Once you have your V60 and your kettle, all you have to do is figure out the best way to make your cup of coffee! Stay tuned for our favorite recipes and how to make a V60 a home!

Other varieties of pour over and ones we will go more in depth with later are Chemex and Kalita Wave.

Written by Lydia Watson