The Kenya Kagumoini Nyeri AA

Coffee washing stations in Kenya are community run and operated enterprises organized for the purpose of processing coffee beans post-harvest. They are typically located central to a vast group of coffee farmers who, at harvest, bring their freshly picked cherries to be “washed” and dried. Washing is the name given to the process of preparing the beans to be dried and later sorted. Recently the Blue Donkey team had the privilege of cupping a Kenya AA from the Kagumoini washing station. This is an outstanding coffee with limited availability. We sample roasted the Kagumoini at three different temperatures. At the lower temps the Kagumoini exhibits an array of tones from Herbal tea to sweet lemon and honey. At a bit higher temps, sweet lemon makes room for milk chocolate and herbal tea.

This is available to purchase online as a 12oz or 2.2lb bag. Click here!