Our Story

Ed Lane, his son, and a friend, Atlanta natives and co-founders of Blue Donkey Coffee, all love the beautiful complexities of micro-roasted coffee. Their appreciation for craft coffee developed while living overseas and exploring the domestic roasting and brewing culture.

The ultimate pursuit of a great cup of coffee inspired in them for a new passion: craft iced coffee. Ed roasted his own coffee beans, but needed to find exceptional fresh local milk to make their iced coffee treat complete. From their search, they selected Southern Swiss Dairy, a family-owned dairy farm in Georgia. After months of ingredient selection, brewing methods, and recipe testing, the team revealed their creation to family & friends; It was an instant success. They then began selling their craft coffee products at local farmers markets, receiving extremely positive feedback from customers. Since Blue Donkey has expanded to additional pop-up locations within the Atlanta area continually focusing on offering a few highly selective craft coffee products.